Eat. Speak. Breathe

Why is this research needed?


It may be impossible yet to cure ALS, but should not prevent us from discovering effective treatments for ALS symptoms. We are use live and recorded music to improve quality of life and to sustain vital functions of people affected by ALS worldwide. 

Currently no reliable therapies to sustain and prolong the swallowing, breathing and speech functions of persons with ALS exists. We have seen the results of music therapy firsthand, but to become proven, a new treatment must undergo a rigorous clinical trials process. This research may allow multidisciplinary ALS teams around the world to use music therapy as an effective means not only to support patients and their caregivers emotionally, but also to maintain and prolong their breathing, speech and swallowing functions.

Trial registration NCT03604822 – click on the link for the detailed description of the study.

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NEWS! On 29 November 2018 followers and friends of this research project launched fundraiser. We now have a month to raise the sum needed to finalize data analysis. Following the link you can find a lot of science and regular “lab note” updates. Help us make it happen, we are almost there!



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– Alisa Apreleva, MT-BC, NMT


This PhD is crowdfunded. Kindly consider a tax-free donation.


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