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Research Is Underway

Here I am, back to Cambridge, UK, for compulsory PhD research training. Spending my “jet lag day” (and night!) reading, writing and contemplating the delicate balance of actual treatment protocol to support breathing, speech, swallowing and cough for people living with ALS (MND). So many elements to consider! The exercises have to be gentle and moderate, not to strain the participants, but to invigorate and to gradually build up their stamina, as research from physical therapy suggests. Musical structures supporting this set of respiratory and vocalization exercises – the harmonies, melodies, rhythms, dynamics, tempos and time signatures – need to be efficient, and motivating, allowing for adjustments when individual variations are necessary. So much work! So much joy in all the discoveries along the way.


Detailed research proposal and two-plus year research work plan have been submitted to Anglia Ruskin University Doctoral School on Friday, October 27. These were helpful to provide an even more definite vision for the journey that lays ahead.

Financial side of this journey though is still quite nebulous: £2860 (roughly $3760) is the money still needed to complete the last tuition payment for this academic year at Anglia Ruskin, due on January 15 2018. Do you think you could help?

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