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Recruitment criteria


  • Consecutive sampling (total enumerative sampling) strategy will be employed in order to avoid bias in regard to the disease onset: all newly diagnosed patients at ALS Centre Moscow meeting the inclusion criteria will be invited to participate, until the desired sample size (n=8) is achieved. All patients will start the trial simultaneously.
  • Diagnosis of probable or definite ALS by the revised El Escorial criteria confirmed by neurologist at ALS Moscow Centre prior to screening for enrollment.
  • ALSFRS-R bulbar subscore ≥ 9, but ≤ 11, where bulbar score=the sum of ALSFRS-R questions 1–3 (maximum score of 12)
  • Forced vital capacity (FVC) greater than 60%
  • Unimpaired cognition as evidenced by ECAS cut-off scores adjusted for age and education
  • No tracheostomy or mechanical ventilation
  • No diaphragmatic pacer
  • No significant concurrent respiratory disease
  • Not receiving any other experimental treatment for dysarthria, dysphagia, dystussia and dyspnoea for the duration of the study
  • Not receiving any other music therapy treatment for the duration of the study
  • Able to consent to treatment
  • Native speakers of Russian
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