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Field work phase: the agency

This research is international (USA, UK, Russia – read here more about this). Field work phase will be conducted at ALS Centre Moscow, where music therapy for people with ALS / MND has been an integral part of care since 2013.

The ALS Centre Moscow was established in 2011 to raise awareness, fundraise and facilitate development of the standards of care for people with ALS in Russia. The multidisciplinary team of 80 professionals serves the needs of people diagnosed with ALS and their families in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, as well as across the country. Estimated 500 patients receive support each year from specialists and volunteers working with the foundation.  Since 2014 the organization is a member of the International ALS Alliance.

At The ALS Center Moscow, music therapy has been an integral part of the multidisciplinary approach to ALS treatment since 2013. Two professional music therapists and more than 20 volunteers trained in therapeutic applications of music make home visits to support patients and their families in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.




The ALS Center Moscow collaborates with specialists and professional bodies internationally to increase skills and knowledge, to improve quality of life for patients and families, and  to raise awareness of the complex needs of people with ALS/MND.





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