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Heartfelt thank you for visiting this page.

We are now past field-phase and we have got some exciting results to share, but your help is still desperately needed! As of 23 April 2018,

Yet to be funded: £4731.00  

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Why is your support essential?

I have spent five years (starting in December 2012) investigating the role of music therapy in treatment of people affected by ALS / MND. Conducting a clinical trial to measure the effect of music therapy protocol on vital functions of people affected by ALS / MND is the necessary next step in order to create a safe, effective and replicable protocol to benefit patients around the world.

I am volunteering my time and services for this research, but the money is necessary to cover PhD research course tuition at Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge, UK) and travel expenses (Boston, USA – Cambridge, UK – Moscow, Russia). Unfortunately, funding options for doctoral research program in music therapy are extremely limited, compared to taught PhD courses and biomedical research.

I ask you to kindly consider supporting this work by making a contribution through Palliative Care Initiative (USA) nonprofit organization. You can also sponsor this research through a direct partial tuition payment to Anglia Ruskin University (UK). Please, send me a message, and I will be glad to answer your questions.

“Have you considered other funding sources?”

Yes. As I explain above, I have not been successful in securing funding from grant-giving bodies, because most ALS grants support drug development research, and music therapy grants are hard to find. However, I have self-funded the tuition installments and travel expenses for 2017/2018 (total of £15,100 as of June 2018) through the paid teaching opportunities (intensive course on music therapy in neurologic rehabilitation; clinical supervision), as well as workshops, fundraising concerts, private donations via social networking and Remedywave. I am deeply grateful to everyone who has made this research possible so far. Thank you! Unfortunately, I am no longer able to continue fundraising at this scale, as all my time is now devoted to the actual research. As a researcher I generate zero income, relying currently on my family for the living expenses. This is why I am looking for your help.


Thank you to our supporters:


How much is needed?

  • 2017/2018 academic year tuition: now covered in full, thank you to everyone who supported this research.
  • Immediate needs (total of $1,135): $85.89 – music instruments (melodica and 10 mouthpieces) for music therapy treatment, $850 – airfare to Moscow, $200 – travels within Moscow, 96 home based music therapy sessions (underground, bus) – now covered in full! Thank you to each and every one who showed their support: total sum of £1626 was collected. Leftover sum of £408 went toward 2018/2019 research fees. 
  • 2018/2019 academic year (by September 2018): PhD research fees (increased to £12,600) + travels (approx. £3,500) + publishing expenses (approx. £3,000)=  £19,100 ($24,500)


Funded so far (£8,340):
Crowdfunding in March 2018 (worldwide)
Senior Group (Russia)
Very special thank you to
Lev Grzhonko (USA),
Vladimir Shakhov (Russia),
Dr. Richard Sloan (UK) 
The sum still needed:


 (=$6,120). Kindly consider a tax-free DONATION


PhD research normally takes from 3 to 5 years to complete. My estimate is to finalize this study in two years (see the timeline), by June 2019, but additional time may be needed for academic procedures.

I realize I am asking a large sum of money. I will be immensely grateful for literally any support. Needless to say, I will be honored to mention sponsors in all media, presentations and publications resulting from this research.

The purpose

The ultimate purpose of this research is to create the scientifically tested, standardized rehabilitative protocol, which qualified music therapists and MDTs working with people affected by ALS would be able to implement in their practice globally. I will actively share the results in peer reviewed publications, conference presentations and media. You can follow the progress of the study at my Research Blog.


The study has been approved by Art, Laws and Social Sciences Faculty Research Degrees Sub Committee (FRDSC), Doctoral School, Anglia Ruskin University (request the document), and Departmental Research Ethics Panel (DREP) under the terms of Anglia Ruskin University’s Research Ethics Policy (see the Approval Letter).

Clinical Trial registration: NCT03604822.


aa_lectureTo find out more about me as a music therapist and a researcher you are kindly invited to peruse the three letters of support – from Dr. Suzanne Hanser, Chair Emerita, Professor at Berklee College of Music, Past President for the World Federation of Music Therapy, from Angela Harrison, Chair of Public Relations Commission for the World Federation of Music Therapy, and from Dr. Kathleen Howland, Professor at Berklee College of Music, founder of Music Therapy Tales . I will be happy to provide more references upon request.


You are welcome to contact me directly, and I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you.

Alisa Apreleva, MT-BC, NMT



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